Tim Hicks

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There are few safe bets in life, even fewer in the music business; however Niagara native and Country music’s hottest new star, Tim Hicks is as close to a sure thing as can be found.

Recognized as a hard-working family man who is embedded with his fans, Hicks soared into the Top 10 at Country Radio in less than 8 weeks with his first single, “Get By” and literally dominated the digital charts with the #1 selling single for more than 6 weeks – a noteworthy number for any musician let alone a new Country artist.

A crowd pleasing live performer, Hicks is a man who has lived, loved and worked hard along the way. His music is accessible, energetic and ambitious, reflecting how he wants his songs to reach people.

“I want my music and stories to connect with as many people as possible,” Hicks explains. “That’s what it’s about for me – giving all I’ve got to lift spirits and raise the roof.”

On March 5th, Hicks released his debut EP, Tim Hicks. Recorded with hit producer and songwriter Jeff Coplan (Love And Theft), a legend in his own right and known for being extremely selective about who he works with, Hicks’ debut EP is the sound of summer for Country music fans. From the tongue-in-cheek, “Just Add Water,” to the whimsical “Stronger Beer,” to the rocker “Hell Raising Good Time” and the fast-rising single “Get By,” fun abounds on Hicks’ introduction to Country music fans and the business alike. With equal parts grit, fun and camaraderie, the five tracks are a precisely rendered snapshot of what’s to come from this singer/songwriter who connects with his audience and touches them on a human level.

Fueled by a love of music and a desire to learn, Hicks honed his talent and built a loyal and dedicated fan base in his hometown of Niagara, ON, early on by frequently playing at the local pub in between his full time job of being a dedicated husband and father. He signed with RGK Entertainment in 2011 and the rest is history.

It’s apparent that Hicks is ready for a big year of music and friends. His desire to carve his place in the music business keeps him hungry and it’s that hunger that translates into a well-crafted, high-intensity Country music debut. And…in a world with few safe bets, he’s guaranteed to deliver.